Wednesday, 3 November 2010

1st Visit to the Gynae (22 Sept 2010)

After doing some research in mummysg forum and asking around for friends' recommendation, I had decided to choose Dr Benjamin Tham as my Gynae. (You can find more information about him from He was my friend's, Siew Hui's gynae and she told me how comfortable she was with him and she had actually followed him from KKH to TMC when he switched to private practice. True enough, Dr Tham was really very friendly and I felt comfortable with him. Good first impression.

Dr Tham did an ultrascan for me and confirmed my pregnancy when he saw a little sac. I was thrilled and I thought wow that's my baby! Ok. I was ignorant. It was only in my third visit did I realise the "baby" I thought in my first visit was actually the starting form of the water bag.. Haha!! He couldn't confirm at that point how many weeks pregnant I was, but he said it could be from 3wks to 5wks. Well, we would know better next time then.

Only have a hardcopy of the scan but I don't have a scanner with me. But seriously, there was nothing much to see in the first scan.

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