Wednesday, 3 November 2010

2nd Visit to the Gynae (8 Oct 2010)

My appointment was initially scheduled on the next day but because I was spotting a little with a little abdominal cramp, the nurse had advised me to come in earlier for a check.

After doing some checks on the cervix area and through the scanning, Dr Tham confirmed that I was having some bleeding spots. He attributed it to stress and gave me 1 week hospitalization leave to rest at home. Shucks, now I have to tell my boss about it. I meant to keep it till the 3rd month. Dr Tham also prescribed a hormones jab and more Duphaston till the next visit. The jab on my butt made me look like I walked in an awkward manner :(.

Though the jab was unpleasant, my baby had reached a milestone today! Dr Tham managed to record his heartbeat! Hehee.. Happy. I will share with you the video soon. You can see the heart pumping but the baby doesn't really have a defined form yet.  

That thing with the blue indicator is my baby

My baby's heartbeat was 126BPM

Do you see the blue and red blinking thingie? The black thing around him is the water bag.

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