Wednesday, 3 November 2010

3rd Visit to the Gynae (30 Oct 2010)

I felt it was a long wait to the 3rd Visit. I couldn't wait to see my baby. Pity Ed couldn't make it, but my MIL volunteered to tag along. I think she was excited to see her grandchild-to-be.

I actually had a pleasant surprise from the scan today. My baby is a foetus now and he has a clearly defined form! It's so exciting! I saw his legs kicking actively and at one point of time, I thought he was waving hello to me! But, I scare myself when I replayed the video. I thought I didn't see his right hand. I replayed numerous times and slowly, I think I spotted the right hand resting on his body. Phew! What a scare!

No more Duphaston, the so called "An Tai Yao" but more multivitamins, calcium pill and fish oil etc. Nutrients for my baby!

O, I forgot an important thing Dr Tham confirmed today. I am 10w3d pregnant and my EDD is 25 May 2011. Yeah! I finally know how many weeks pregnant I am. Haha..

My baby, 34.5mm long, currently 10w5d old, EDD 25 May 2011

My baby's heartbeat is beating strong at 168BPM today!

A close-up view of my baby

And sadly from my pre-pregnancy weight of 47kg, I put on 2.5kg and currently weigh at 49.5kg. But Dr Tham say it's perfectly normal. Hopefully I won't be one of those who gain 20kg in the pregnancy. If not, how to lose all those weight?!?!?!

Sent my buddy the scan pics and she said my baby looks like he has thick eyebrows and big eyes, looks like Si Jia Mo Ni. I laughed. My dear, I don't think he has any hair on his body at this stage yet. Hahaha.. But I don't mind him growing up being a Shuai Ge with thick eyebrows and big eyes. Hahaha!!

Did you see his little toes in the picture? So cute right?

Next visit, OSCAR test plus detailed scan.

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