Friday, 19 November 2010

4th Visit to the Gynae (18 Nov 2010)

If you ask me how was the check up yesterday, I can only say, everything seems to be in a blurry state and I don't quite remember. Let me try to slowly recall...

As a routine, I went to collect my urine for urine test and, something happened in the toilet!! I was pulling for a piece of toilet paper and accidentally splashed part of the "ah-hem" onto the wall!! I frantically pulled more toilet paper to wipe the wall. Luckily I managed to clean up the mess. Arghh, it's so embarrassing! Felt like a 3-year-old kid then!

Ok, back to subject proper. I was late for the check up and so was Ed. But just nice when he came, the sonographer had called for me. So, like the usual scan, she put the gel on my tummy and used the sensor to sense for my baby. My baby has doubled his size to 71.1mm. Yeah! But he was a naughty baby. He refused to get into the ideal position which the sonographer needed to take the Nuchal Translucency scan for the OSCAR test. (More information on the OSCAR Test) Then the sonographer shook the sensor and said, "Hey baby turn! Turn! Turn!" Me and Ed encouraged him to turn too, but he merely rotated about the X-Axis. O, initially he was lying face down and when she "disturbed" him, he only turned to face us, and then moved to his back facing us. He never got to the sitting up position which the sonographer said was ideal. So, she asked me to go out to walk for 10-15 mins and drink 2 cups of water to fill my bladder.

After about 20 mins later, she called me again. Luckily she did! Coz my bladder was really really full!! Lol! Believe it or not, my baby never moved! Still lying comfortably in his comfort zone. And she did the same to make him move, but, still, he refused to move. He was still lying horizontally with his head on the left. No choice, she asked me to go see my gynae first, hopefully he will move later. So, I went to see Dr Tham first.

I waited for a while before it's my turn. Dr Tham was saying there was another lady just before me whose baby also refused to move in her OSCAR test. Hahaha.. I am not alone! When he did the scan, my baby had turned!! He was now lying with his head on the right side. Cheeky baby right! Dr Tham did a round of assessment and he said my baby is probably fine, in the safe range. Ok! Hopefully he stays where he is or move to a move to a more ideal position later. But overall, the scanning this time was rather fuzzy. Even Dr Tham had commented so. Very hard to get a clear picture of baby, and obviously cannot see if it's a boy or girl this time. I wonder if it's caused by the pancake I just ate coz I remember it was clear earlier :p

So, here are the fuzzy pictures of my baby. The size and the EDD are not accurate in the pictures coz he was curling up.

The scan with the inaccurate length and EDD.
My baby should be 71.1mm already!

Measurement of the Nuchal Translucency (Fluid behind the neck)

Measurement of the nasal bridge

Heartbeat, seems slower today

Back to my OSCAR scan. Went back for my scan after seeing Dr Tham. When I stepped into the clinic, I heard my name being called! So fast! I wonder how many times have they called for me though. Lol. This time round, my baby was still lying in the ok position and the new sonographer managed to measure the thickness behind the neck before my baby started to move again! After about 5-10 mins, all the required measurements were taken and I could proceed on! Actually it's an "O No!" because the next procedure is to draw blood. :( 4 tubes in all! It was a breeze, not like my bad experience at the other clinc. 4 jabs but no blood!!

To those who have conscientiously read every attempts of my scan, yes you counted it right! Altogether we had to scan 3 times, not inclusive of the Dr's scan, before successfully taking all the measurements. My baby is really naughty right? Lol. O, by the way, did I mention, Ed was out on an errand when I went for the Dr's check up and the last scan. So he didn't get to see our baby the last 2 times. And Ed exclaimed, "Wow! Our baby is like me! So Guai Lan!!" Lol!! Actually, I have my own way of saying. My baby probably knows that I would only get to see him in a month's time, so he wanted to let me see him a few more times! Haha.. Ok, just my wishful thinking.  

Overall, I am quite happy that I saw both his arms and legs. He was waving and kicking etc. But I was really very tired by the end of the scan. The 4 tubes of blood for blood test also got the better of me, coz I felt very giddy at night and even the next day. It gave me a low blood pressure of 105/70. O well, for baby, anything also ok. As long as he will turn out healthy and all. :) No video this time, only a very long winded post.

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