Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Hello Mayday!

Hello Mayday!

Have decided to start this blog to share with you the journey of awaiting for the arrival of little Mayday Baby (aka MDBB), and also remind myself many years from now how it was.

Let me start with how I found out about little MDBB. It started with my anxiousness to "调养" my body before I conceive. Hence, adventurous me went to try out TCM. The physician had asked me to take my Basal Body Temperature daily. On my second visit, seeing that my BBT was relatively high every day, she exclaimed that I might already be pregnant. I was shocked. So fast?

And I went home to test with my cheapo pregnancy test strip. Cheapo because it cost me only $0.75 per strip (You can get it from if you are interested). The first time I tested, I thought I saw a very faint line. Could not confirm, so I tested again a few days later. Line had darken a little but still looked faint. Probably at that point of time, the hCG level was still low, so the test strip didn't pick up enough for a thick line. Then I tested again and again for the next couple of days (coz I had many test strips to spare you see). The line gradually darkened.

If I never remember wrongly, this was the second test
Third Test

One fine day, I decided to get a more expensive test, Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test Kit! To cut the story short, I wasted 1 Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test coz I collected too little urine sample :( and for the second one I bought, it tested that I was 3+ weeks PREGNANT! Wow! I highly recommend this kit if you want a double confirmation. I think being an engineer, having a clear answer is definitely the key.

Clearblue Digital Pregnancy Test Kit showing 3+ wks Pregnant
So, I am definitely pregnant! Yeah! From this point onwards, my pregnancy journey and mummyhood began....

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