Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Unplanned Visit (3 Nov 2010)

I was having some abdominal cramps suddenly while working in the data centre. I didn't think much of it initially but when I saw some pink discharge on my pantyliner, I was scared. I quickly called up Dr Tham's clinic and consulted the nurse. She advised me to go down for a check coz I was having cramps too.  

Dr Tham saw some discharge when he did cervical examination and he took some sample for tests. He said it might be due to some infection but he doesn't want to  give me any medication for it for now. Luckily my cervix was not opened, meaning the body was not trying to discharge my baby. Thank God. But to be safe, he prescribed me Duphaston for the next 3 weeks, till the end of my first trimester. I am 11wks pregnant today.

Dr Tham is a rather humorous person. While he was observing my baby through the ultrascan, he exclaimed, "You know, I think you might be having a boy." Then I said I thought so too. And he asked, "How you know?" I smiled, didn't dare to mention about the non-scientific proven chinese calendar I had used to plan my pregnancy. Then he continued, "I got proof you know!" He pointed to this thing sticking out of my baby in between his legs. He said he saw it in a few angles, but can only confirm in 2 visits' time.

My Baby

My baby has grown 7mm in 4 days. And I put on 0.1kg! Arghh... I was paranoic about the weight gain today and I asked Dr Tham. He said out of his patients, I am considered quite normal already. Based on his record, in the first 12 weeks, the most weight a patient lost was 9kg! And the most weight a patient put on was 10kg! Well, looks like I am quite normal then.

My baby at 11w0d, 41.5mm long

See his heartbeat

His heart beating at 171BPM

Dr Tham also did an initial check of the fluid behind my baby and his nose bridge and he said preliminary assessment of my baby showed that I probably have a low risk of a down syndrome baby. Keeping my fingers crossed till 18 Nov. I will keep praying that my baby will be safe and sound.

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