Saturday, 13 November 2010

Wannabe Stylish Mum2be

Recently, realised that I can hardly button up my office pants. :( So, no choice, I decided it's probably time to get some maternity pants and perhaps some tops, in case I can't fit into mine anymore. 

Thanks to Grace's friend's blog, I came across "Stylish Mum2be" (Blogshop Add at, a blogshop which offers trendy yet inexpensive maternity wear. It's great that the blogshop offers showroom visit, so that potential customers like me can go and try out the clothe before deciding to buy. Made an appointment to visit the showroom, and was pleasantly greeted by Xiao Ling, the owner.

Was a little shock with the sizes on the pants though. I think those that fitted me were size L!!!! OMG!!! But she reassured me that their sizing scale is different from the normal clothings. *Phew*

After trying say over 10 pants, I finally chose 2 office pants and 2 capris. I also bought 2 tops, same design but different colour.  Total damage, $181. That's a lot, but I think it's still much cheaper than buying from the stores outside. A pair of office pants outside can easily cost $50-$60, I only got mine at $30+. Quite a saving. :)

To ladies who are interested in getting inexpensive maternity wear, do check out Stylish Mum2be! I highly recommend it. No pics to show, but you can view the pics of the clothings offered in the online catalogue. :)

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