Wednesday, 22 December 2010

5th Visit to the Gynae (18 Dec 2010)

Went for my checkup last Saturday. All I can say is, my prep talk failed. :( Haha, was trying to coax my baby to lie in a open-legged manner, but, he decided to be a sleepy head like his dad and slept in a prone position! Dr Tham had intended to check if my baby was a boy or girl, but my baby was in deep sleep and totally did not move at all! Later on, Ed exclaimed that our baby copied him, coz he was sleeping in the exact position in the morning as his back was aching. O well, like father like baby... Lol.. 

Baby sleeping exactly the same position as Daddy

But thankfully, baby was growing fine. You can see his spinal cord and brain quite clearly in the pic above. Dr Tham said his spine looked normal, so should be fine. Hopefully he will come out a healthy baby. O I nearly forgot, I saw his cute little ear too!!

Baby's heartbeat

Will see more of baby in the detailed scan on 13 January 2011!! Arghh such a long wait.....