Thursday, 9 June 2011

24th May 2011!! It's Desiree's day!

Mummy is slow. Finally have some free time to come here. It has been rather hectic after I popped. Let me start with my "birth story".

On 23rd May at about 10+ pm, I realised I started to have contractions with regular intervals. Then I went to toilet and I had bloody show. So I asked my doctor friend if I should admit and she said I should immediately. Went to the hospital at 11+ pm and the nurse put me on CTG. Coincidentally, my gynae was still around after he did c-sec for another patient. He came to see me and saw that my cervix was effacated but not dilated yet. So, he instructed the nurse to monitor my CTG. If CTG is reactive but contraction not that regular yet and contraction is still manageable, I can be released and monitor my own situation. But need to go back if the intensity and frequency increases. Since my contraction was only 7-8min apart and intensity was manageable, I was sent home and instructed to go back if it is less than 5 min.

However, the whole night, I couldn't sleep coz my contraction came very regularly and on 24th May 6+ am, I couldn't take it anymore, so I told my hubby I want to admit . Reached hospital around 7+ am and put on CTG. So happened my gynae came in shortly to look on another patient so he shun bian came and see me. He did VE for me and told me I was 1.5-2cm dilated already, so I continued to stay in the observation ward. Initially I wanted to try laughing gas, but the midwife said I was already in distress and if I have intention to get Epi, I should just order it first. I totally agree coz I was in quite bad condition already. My face was totally pale and tried the laughing gas temporarily, it didn't really work for me.

The anaesthetist came at about 8+ am. Thankfully the midwife told her to attend to me first since I was really in distress. Lol. After that, the pain was relieved but I wasn't exactly in heaven. Somehow I kept feeling some pain down there around the cervix area. Asked the midwife, she said it's probably the pressure exerted there. Asked the staff nurse, she said it's probably my imagination or something. Then my gynae so happened to come and check on me at 11+ am and he was shocked. He told me I was fully dilated and can see the hair already. He told the nurse about it and ask them to prepare the labour ward for me.

After that is wait wait and wait again. I kept asking the nurse when was I going to the labour ward and they said they were preparing the bed etc. Apparently a lot of people were delivering and Thomson Medical Center machiam full house. I kept having this feeling that my baby wanted to come out coz I had this urge to push. But I told my baby cannot push and I tried to surpress by singing nursery rhymes to her. Lol it worked! So everytime there's contraction, I would sing to her. I was only pushed to the labour ward around 2pm. And my 1st tube of Epi was finishing! I was a bit pissed, then I have to order a 2nd tube. I was also quite angry with the nurse who pushed me in, coz she didn't seem to know anything though she's quite senior looking. I asked her to check the previous dosage of Epi I had and she doesn't seem to know what I meant. My contraction started to feel bad again.

It's another waiting game in the labour ward, waiting for my chance to push. The nurse found out that I had fever. So they had to give me medication for the fever before I could start to push. I started to be very sick and nausea and in super daze mode. Even when I was pushing, I was half asleep and I had vomited sometimes. They said they could see my baby's hair but I really couldn't take it, so I asked if I could have assisted delivery, perhaps with vacuum. Finally they asked my gynae to come since vacuum can only be administered by gynae. My gynae was like saying, he was wondering why they took so long to call him, he had been waiting for their call. O btw, his clinic was in Thomson Medical Center itself.

With vacuum, my baby was out in 3 pushes. Then my gynae said he knows why I had a hard time to push. Coz my baby was a naughty girl, she was in a posterior position and she was cord coiled too. So, it was not easy for my baby to come out. Anyway thank god everything is fine! But coz I had fever during the delivery, my baby had to be under observation for 24 hours. I couldn't bf for that day.

The next day, my gynae gave me the green light to discharge and so did the pediatrician for my baby. Most of my friends were shocked I only stayed 1 night. Lol.

Anyway that's my birth story. Very long winded. Hehe. The following are some pictures captured in the labour ward, and probably the ugliest you would ever seen of me. Disclaimer: Some photos might be hard to stomach and not for the weak-hearted!

In a daze...
Finally she's out and in my arms..
Dr Tham with Ed cutting the umbilical cord
The nurse was sucking out the phelgm in her nose
Nursy cleaning her
Her life support system for 9 months.. the placenta..
Loud cry with tears some more!!
Mummy had fever during labour..
Desiree posing for her photo with mummy..
Till today it's still her fave pose..
Odd-shaped skull due to vacuum, but it's cleared after 1 day!
Her weight at birth..
Her birth length..
Measuring her head circumference..
Eyes even wider than mummy's
To the ward with mummy!
First family photo!
I hope next time when Desiree grows up and read this entry, she would know how much mummy had gone through to bring her to this world. Lol. It was really a very tedious process!!

Backlog! Last checkup before I popped!

It's been a long time since I last updated my blog. Yes, I have popped on 24th May, 2 weeks ago. Nevertheless, I would like to share with you the "last" photos of Desiree in my tummy before she said "Hello World!"

Length of her thigh bone
Her tummy
First attempt of capturing her face
Second attempt of capturing her face

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Finally!! My Bloom Shots!!

Finally collected my long-awaited bloom shots! Took them about a month ago at The Studio Loft. Rather happy with the results! These are the only evidence of me so chubby in my life you'll ever catch me in, that is!! I think the only other time I was chubby was when I was a baby.. Lol...

For your viewing pleasure...

Weekly checkup!! 13 May!!

Have started my weekly checkup. My baby didn't put on much weight, only about 100g. I read that our weight gain would be more or less stagnant. She's about 2.8kg, should be quite a good size for delivery. She's feeling very comfy in my womb, not engaged yet. But Dr Tham said it's  actually quite ok coz sometimes they can just suddenly engage and start contractions in a few hours. 

She's quite shy but rather active. During the scan she kept moving but her hand was covering her face. Could see her fingers. Lol maybe she's a bit cheeky or playful too coz she slowly moved her hand away from her face, like playing peekaboo, revealing the right side of her face. Looks like my prep talk worked a little.. coz I told her not to kiss the wall.. Lol.. She didn't but she hide her face..

Going to do CTG scan next Friday if she still decides to stay inside.

Her head...

Her thigh bone..

Her stomach..

Her heartbeat..

Can you see half her face??

Another pic of her face...

Monday, 9 May 2011

She's already 2.7kg!

Going to start on my weekly checkup from this week onwards. I am from the last check up on 6th May. She's already 2.7kg! Dr Tham said she's of good size. Hopefully she doen't end up too big during labour. When will that day come? I don't know.

She was lying in a rather bad position again, so Dr Tham wasn't able to show us her pretty face, or even find her thigh. O, Dr Tham said her leg was bent near the body, very flexible indeed. He also said her butt was near my rib, no wonder sometimes I thought I could feel bubbles around that area.. She must have been emitting gas.. Lol!

Here's the scan photos from the check up. Nothing much to show this time though.. Next check up.. Friday the 13th!

Her head...

Her tummy..

Her heartbeat...

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Caught her on video again!!

Recently, Desiree's movements are more prominent, precisely because she's getting bigger and my womb is probably getting too small for her. Managed to catch her on video again today and it's really very obvious! I think it's either her shoulder or her arm. Should be arm ba. 
For those of you who have not seen that before, it's really amazing! It's not painful, just the feeling of something pushing my skin out from inside. But sometimes when she is rubbing my rib, it's not that pleasant, especially when I am seated. 

Sit back and happy viewing!


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Checkup on 23 April 2011...

Went for my checkup today. My baby confirm is head down already. But today she's not in a good position for Dr Tham. In fact, he had a hard time trying to scan and measure my baby. In the end, she moved a little and Dr Tham managed to do some measurement. Don't know if it's accurate though.
Desiree is about 2.2kg. Quite worried for her weight coz she didn't hit the weight that's stated in the babycenter. But Dr Tham said it's in the average range. I think I am so contradicting! One moment worried she would be too heavy or I put on too much weight, then I start to control on my carbo intake. The next moment I start to worry that she's not gaining enough weight. I start to agree with what my colleague say, the growth of the baby is not really related to how much I eat, coz babies are considered parasites in our bodies and they will absorb whatever they need.   

Here's her scan photos for your pleasure viewing. Not that clear though, especially her face coz as what Dr Tham was saying, she's so hungry that she's eating her placenta. Her face looked as if she was kissing the placenta/my uterus. So he couldn't capture her face clearly, even though she was facing out. If there's amniotic fluid in front of her, this wouldn't be a prob..

Her head.. Quite clear

Her stomach.. Not so clear..

Her thigh bone..

Her face.. definitely not clear at all

Her face again... My gynae yong xin liang ku..

Side profile...
Next check up will be 2 weeks later on 6th May. After that it's once per week.

Monday, 11 April 2011

I caught her movement! Did you?

Finally caught her movement on video! It's so hard to capture her movement because she always stop moving the moment I take out my camera. I think it's a little blurry as it was taken by iPhone and sent to my mailbox via email. Maybe I will upload a clearer one in the future. :)

Going to take my maternity shots this Saturday! Happy!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Checkup today! 2nd April 2011

Happy today. Desiree is finally head down! And our prep talk worked! She finally looked towards the front so Dr Tham could show us her face. Our first impression was, she has chubby cheeks! Weight wise, she's the average 1.7kg for week 32. Dr Tham even managed to take a 3D scan of her face, but towards the end she was shy she used her hand to block her face.

She was also rather active throughout the scan, kept moving about. Nowadays, her movements are very prominent. Can see my tummy move left right as she moves. She also seems to be quite sensitive to noise. When I am in a meeting or in the datacentre, she will move quite a lot.

Here's the scan pics today. Quite a lot of pics to share today!

3D scan.. Can see her nose?
Her hand was blocking partially

Her head..

Her thigh bone

Her stomach! She's already 1.7kg!

Her heartbeat.. about 152BPM

Blurry image of her face..

Can vaguely see her eyes, nose and mouth..

Her side profile..

Next appointment is in 3 weeks time. Subsequently would be once a week. Till then.. Ciao!