Saturday, 15 January 2011

Detailed Scan on 12 Jan 2011

Finally, I have reached mid-term and had gone for my detailed scan in my 21 wk. This time round, my baby was more co-operative and the scan was rather smooth. Only needed to scan once, without even needing the sonographer to wake her up. Looks like the prep talk me and Ed did the night before worked. She must be a Daddy's girl. Lol.

Throughout the scan, she was really active too! Kept moving about, wonder if she did somersault inside. Lol. The sonographer could feel her movement too! Strangely Ed can never feel it, as for now that is. 

The detailed scan is rather interesting. The sonographer will scan and check the baby from head to toe, and even her internal organs, to see if she can detect any abnormalities. During the scan, she will detect the parts and tag them, like say the "head", the "mouth" etc. Will post some pictures which I took of the scan report. No softcopy, so I need to do it manually.

O ya, I forgot to double confirm, it's really a princess. O well, she will be my lucky star!! :) Will not post the picture of her butt though, haha, I am afraid she will murder me next time. 
Her face, can see her mouth and face shape

Somehow, from the picture of the nose and lips below, I think her lips look like Ed's! It reminds me of how Ed looks when he is sleeping. :p Her nose and face shape, I think, looks like mine though. Anyway, it's still too early to say. 女大十八变

Her nose and lips

The picture below is interesting. I wonder how the sonographer managed to capture this!

Showing you her invincible foot!!

And lastly, tadaaa!! She must be hungry coz it was during lunch time when I did my scan. Maybe that explains why she was really active throughout the scan.

She must be hungry! Fingers in her mouth
By the way, based on the measurements taken, she's estimated to be 350g now. Ed wondered where the rest of the 6kg went. Yes. I have put on at least 6kg now!!! But, most importantly, my baby is healthy and normal, based on the scan. Weight issues, I can wait till after I give birth!!

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  1. Yay! I can buy lotsa pwetty dresses tops and accessories for your princess.. :)