Saturday, 15 January 2011

Food Poisoning...

Had food poisoning a couple of weeks back, marking the end of 2010. Had initially woke up thinking I was down with cramp, and had gone to the gynae for a checkup. But Dr Tham didn't see any abnormalities or sort. No diarrhoea or anything prior to the checkup. However when I stepped home, I started visiting the toilet and the pain in my stomach was getting more intense. No choice, had to go to the GP. And she confirmed that I was down with food poisoning. Thinking back, must be the stale bread I ate the night before. I had suspected it was overdue before I ate it but hunger overcome the thought and I ended up with food poisoning. :(

Nonetheless, the trip to the gynae was not at all futile. My baby was facing outside and Dr Tham managed to see that I was expecting a girl. Nothing in between the legs. Lol. So, the chinese gender prediction calendar had failed! I conclude, there's really no such thing as gender prediction. All's fated. Well, but will double confirm in the detailed scan in the 21st wk.

Here's a picture of her face.. I think her hand is over her nose..

My baby facing outside..
Her hand seems to be covering her nose

Her heartbeat

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