Thursday, 24 February 2011

My Belly Button is shrinking!!!

My belly button is shrinking!! That's because my uterus is expanding and slowly pushing my belly button outwards. That's almost the "last" of my inward belly button till after I give birth!

I've got quite small fingernail, but my belly button is smaller

Suddenly, my tummy is blooming! My baby must be growing very fast. Just a matter of weeks and it has suddenly grown much bigger. Without further ado, a pic of my tummy at 27 week.

My tummy @ 27 week
*Pardon the unsightly hole on my tee, this is Ed's top. :p

My MIL said she still kept some of Ed's newborn wear! I was really amazed! The condition of it was still good. Turned a little yellow but judging that it's already 32 year-old, it's really not bad! See his tee!! Had put my watch to show its size..

32-year-old top from a 32-year-old baby
Signing off now.. Till the next check up..

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Vday Walk-in Photoshoot@The Studio Loft

Hehe, sidetrack a bit, I went for a photoshoot with my sis Alicia, aka ABC, at The Studio Loft last Friday. It was just a short 15 mins photoshoot, but it was really fun and a refreshing experience! I had initially wanted to do the shot on 10th Feb, ABC's birthday, but she had school till late. O well, nevertheless, we managed to squeeze in some time for it on 11th Feb instead!

Hehe, they couldn't tell I was pregnant, not to say 6 months pregnant! They just thought I was chubby. Lol! The main photographer even reprimanded the junior photographer for making me lie on my tummy. Hehe I didn't! I just laid on my side.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the 2 pics we chose! The rest weren't that glam afterall. Lol!

What's ABC laughing about? Lol!!

Do we look alike?

By the way, I am 26 weeks preg today! 14 more weeks to go... My belly button is starting to get smaller. I think it would protrude out anytime! I wonder if Ed would come back in time to see my belly button still inwards.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Checkup today! 12 February 2011

Ed was not able to accompany me for the checkup as he was away on overseas work trip. Alicia went with me instead.. Nothing exciting today. Dr Tham tried to take a picture of my baby's face, but my baby must be a shy baby (coz yiyi was there to see her that is), she was lying in the prone position, face facing my butt. Hence, it was not possible to capture a photo of her face.

By the way, based on the calculation of her body, my baby weighs about 749g! Interesting. I hope she would be the one putting on the weight in the next few visits rather than me..

Till 12 March... Seeya!!

Head View

Seriously, I forgot what's this.. ABC.. do you remember?

Her stomach

Dr Tham tried to piece her together..

Her Heartbeat..