Saturday, 12 February 2011

Checkup today! 12 February 2011

Ed was not able to accompany me for the checkup as he was away on overseas work trip. Alicia went with me instead.. Nothing exciting today. Dr Tham tried to take a picture of my baby's face, but my baby must be a shy baby (coz yiyi was there to see her that is), she was lying in the prone position, face facing my butt. Hence, it was not possible to capture a photo of her face.

By the way, based on the calculation of her body, my baby weighs about 749g! Interesting. I hope she would be the one putting on the weight in the next few visits rather than me..

Till 12 March... Seeya!!

Head View

Seriously, I forgot what's this.. ABC.. do you remember?

Her stomach

Dr Tham tried to piece her together..

Her Heartbeat..

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