Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Vday Walk-in Photoshoot@The Studio Loft

Hehe, sidetrack a bit, I went for a photoshoot with my sis Alicia, aka ABC, at The Studio Loft last Friday. It was just a short 15 mins photoshoot, but it was really fun and a refreshing experience! I had initially wanted to do the shot on 10th Feb, ABC's birthday, but she had school till late. O well, nevertheless, we managed to squeeze in some time for it on 11th Feb instead!

Hehe, they couldn't tell I was pregnant, not to say 6 months pregnant! They just thought I was chubby. Lol! The main photographer even reprimanded the junior photographer for making me lie on my tummy. Hehe I didn't! I just laid on my side.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the 2 pics we chose! The rest weren't that glam afterall. Lol!

What's ABC laughing about? Lol!!

Do we look alike?

By the way, I am 26 weeks preg today! 14 more weeks to go... My belly button is starting to get smaller. I think it would protrude out anytime! I wonder if Ed would come back in time to see my belly button still inwards.

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