Saturday, 26 March 2011

Checkup on 14th Mar 2011

Have been lazy and haven't been updating on time. My checkups will be getting more frequent as I approach my EDD, the next checkup will be on 2nd April. By the way, I am in my third trimester already! The last leg of the amazing race!

My baby was already about 1.2kg during the checkup. That's the average weight for 29 weeks. Dr Tham didn't tell me how long she was though. It was not easy for Dr Tham to do the checkup today. She was lying diagonally across in my stomach and faced inside. Dr Tham said she's shy. Cannot see how she looks again this time.

Actually, I am a little concerned that she still hasn't turned head down. My doctor friend said by right she should have started to turn from now till wk 32. I pray she will turn by now! Without further ado, here's the pic of the scan!

Her thigh..

Her head..

Her stomach..

Her heartbeat...

By the way, we have decided on her English name. She's called Desiree Kong! I had shortlisted a whole list of names, such as Gwen, Edlyn, Faye, Carrie, Gracie, Della.. and of course Desiree, but none was to Ed's liking except for Desiree. Desiree goes very well with Kong! Ed was like joking that Faye Kong sounds like Fei Kong... fat kong that is. So, everyone, her name is Desiree Kong! Ed was so fascinated with the name that everytime I say "baby this, baby that", he would correct me and say "no, it's Desiree Kong.." I was like -_-".

Today, at 31 week, her moves are very evident and at times, it feels as if she's jabbing or elbowing me! She's a very active baby I must say, which in a way it's good. And she would move when she hears Ed's voice. Lol. 

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