Saturday, 30 April 2011

Caught her on video again!!

Recently, Desiree's movements are more prominent, precisely because she's getting bigger and my womb is probably getting too small for her. Managed to catch her on video again today and it's really very obvious! I think it's either her shoulder or her arm. Should be arm ba. 
For those of you who have not seen that before, it's really amazing! It's not painful, just the feeling of something pushing my skin out from inside. But sometimes when she is rubbing my rib, it's not that pleasant, especially when I am seated. 

Sit back and happy viewing!


Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Checkup on 23 April 2011...

Went for my checkup today. My baby confirm is head down already. But today she's not in a good position for Dr Tham. In fact, he had a hard time trying to scan and measure my baby. In the end, she moved a little and Dr Tham managed to do some measurement. Don't know if it's accurate though.
Desiree is about 2.2kg. Quite worried for her weight coz she didn't hit the weight that's stated in the babycenter. But Dr Tham said it's in the average range. I think I am so contradicting! One moment worried she would be too heavy or I put on too much weight, then I start to control on my carbo intake. The next moment I start to worry that she's not gaining enough weight. I start to agree with what my colleague say, the growth of the baby is not really related to how much I eat, coz babies are considered parasites in our bodies and they will absorb whatever they need.   

Here's her scan photos for your pleasure viewing. Not that clear though, especially her face coz as what Dr Tham was saying, she's so hungry that she's eating her placenta. Her face looked as if she was kissing the placenta/my uterus. So he couldn't capture her face clearly, even though she was facing out. If there's amniotic fluid in front of her, this wouldn't be a prob..

Her head.. Quite clear

Her stomach.. Not so clear..

Her thigh bone..

Her face.. definitely not clear at all

Her face again... My gynae yong xin liang ku..

Side profile...
Next check up will be 2 weeks later on 6th May. After that it's once per week.

Monday, 11 April 2011

I caught her movement! Did you?

Finally caught her movement on video! It's so hard to capture her movement because she always stop moving the moment I take out my camera. I think it's a little blurry as it was taken by iPhone and sent to my mailbox via email. Maybe I will upload a clearer one in the future. :)

Going to take my maternity shots this Saturday! Happy!

Saturday, 2 April 2011

Checkup today! 2nd April 2011

Happy today. Desiree is finally head down! And our prep talk worked! She finally looked towards the front so Dr Tham could show us her face. Our first impression was, she has chubby cheeks! Weight wise, she's the average 1.7kg for week 32. Dr Tham even managed to take a 3D scan of her face, but towards the end she was shy she used her hand to block her face.

She was also rather active throughout the scan, kept moving about. Nowadays, her movements are very prominent. Can see my tummy move left right as she moves. She also seems to be quite sensitive to noise. When I am in a meeting or in the datacentre, she will move quite a lot.

Here's the scan pics today. Quite a lot of pics to share today!

3D scan.. Can see her nose?
Her hand was blocking partially

Her head..

Her thigh bone

Her stomach! She's already 1.7kg!

Her heartbeat.. about 152BPM

Blurry image of her face..

Can vaguely see her eyes, nose and mouth..

Her side profile..

Next appointment is in 3 weeks time. Subsequently would be once a week. Till then.. Ciao!