Saturday, 2 April 2011

Checkup today! 2nd April 2011

Happy today. Desiree is finally head down! And our prep talk worked! She finally looked towards the front so Dr Tham could show us her face. Our first impression was, she has chubby cheeks! Weight wise, she's the average 1.7kg for week 32. Dr Tham even managed to take a 3D scan of her face, but towards the end she was shy she used her hand to block her face.

She was also rather active throughout the scan, kept moving about. Nowadays, her movements are very prominent. Can see my tummy move left right as she moves. She also seems to be quite sensitive to noise. When I am in a meeting or in the datacentre, she will move quite a lot.

Here's the scan pics today. Quite a lot of pics to share today!

3D scan.. Can see her nose?
Her hand was blocking partially

Her head..

Her thigh bone

Her stomach! She's already 1.7kg!

Her heartbeat.. about 152BPM

Blurry image of her face..

Can vaguely see her eyes, nose and mouth..

Her side profile..

Next appointment is in 3 weeks time. Subsequently would be once a week. Till then.. Ciao!

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