Sunday, 15 May 2011

Finally!! My Bloom Shots!!

Finally collected my long-awaited bloom shots! Took them about a month ago at The Studio Loft. Rather happy with the results! These are the only evidence of me so chubby in my life you'll ever catch me in, that is!! I think the only other time I was chubby was when I was a baby.. Lol...

For your viewing pleasure...

Weekly checkup!! 13 May!!

Have started my weekly checkup. My baby didn't put on much weight, only about 100g. I read that our weight gain would be more or less stagnant. She's about 2.8kg, should be quite a good size for delivery. She's feeling very comfy in my womb, not engaged yet. But Dr Tham said it's  actually quite ok coz sometimes they can just suddenly engage and start contractions in a few hours. 

She's quite shy but rather active. During the scan she kept moving but her hand was covering her face. Could see her fingers. Lol maybe she's a bit cheeky or playful too coz she slowly moved her hand away from her face, like playing peekaboo, revealing the right side of her face. Looks like my prep talk worked a little.. coz I told her not to kiss the wall.. Lol.. She didn't but she hide her face..

Going to do CTG scan next Friday if she still decides to stay inside.

Her head...

Her thigh bone..

Her stomach..

Her heartbeat..

Can you see half her face??

Another pic of her face...

Monday, 9 May 2011

She's already 2.7kg!

Going to start on my weekly checkup from this week onwards. I am from the last check up on 6th May. She's already 2.7kg! Dr Tham said she's of good size. Hopefully she doen't end up too big during labour. When will that day come? I don't know.

She was lying in a rather bad position again, so Dr Tham wasn't able to show us her pretty face, or even find her thigh. O, Dr Tham said her leg was bent near the body, very flexible indeed. He also said her butt was near my rib, no wonder sometimes I thought I could feel bubbles around that area.. She must have been emitting gas.. Lol!

Here's the scan photos from the check up. Nothing much to show this time though.. Next check up.. Friday the 13th!

Her head...

Her tummy..

Her heartbeat...