Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Desiree's 1st Studio Photoshoot!

An outdated post, but nevertheless, here we go!

Dez went for her first ever studio photoshoot when she was 11 months old. Although the weather was gloomy outside, the atmosphere at the photoshoot was all bright and cheery! We were told to bring 12 sets of clothe but I had only brought 8 or 9 sets. Despite so, we took a whooping 14 sets with various props and attires all within 2 hours! Mummy and Daddy doubled up as the photographer's right and left hand men, one acting as a clown to make Dez break into her best smile/grin/laughter and the other ensured she stayed where the photographer wanted her to be in, which included ensuring she didn't fall off the chair when she was holding her maracas or that she didn't crawl out of the backdrop.

It was really a very pleasant experience at the studio with the variety of props and the photographer Jack was very experienced in handling kids. We are very happy with the results of the photos! Evidently, we had a hard time choosing which photos to print for all were nice! 

Many friends have asked us where we took the shoot from. Well, it's none other than Studio Play! Our package includes 2 adults and a kid, 5x5R prints, 1x8R reprint and all the softcopies of the selected photos. You can get back all the softcopies at an additional fee. 

Some tips for friends who are keen on signing up for the photoshoot package:

1) Check out when they will be on road show and sign up during the road show. The price is substantially cheaper. The usual package only includes 1 adult and 1 child and you would have to pay for the additional head. Drop me a message for the price.    

2) The optimal age for infants to go for the shoot is 7 weeks old when they still sleep most of the time and for babies at 11 months old, when they can stand but not walk independently. Hence, once you have gotten the voucher, remember to book your appointment to avoid disappointments! Due to the rising popularity of these photoshoots, the studio is quite packed with appointments. Besides, once you book a slot, the whole studio is reserved for you and you only for the whole 2 hours. 

3) Make sure your child is well rested before the shoot, so that they won't be grouchy.

4) Some friends have also asked me where I have gotten my family tees from. *Grin* I had ordered from an online shop Pixie Thread. The owner was very accommodating to rush out my order within a short time! Thumbs up for the good service! Highly recommended to friends who are keen to customize their tees. To add on, the price is inexpensive too and you have a variety to choose from!

With all these, you are good to go now! Here are some glimpses of the 161 softcopies we had gotten back! :)

With her maracas. Shake shake! Shake shake!

Super family!

Whose mouth is bigger?

Busy bee..


Mayday fan since birth!

Looks like the chipmunk?

Future Adidas model

Not for sale!




Ah!! Shower time!

Formal shot

I am the sunflower!

Me and the big Teddy

Hello World!

Hi there! I am Eunice, a FTWM with a wonderful hubby Ed and a lovely and ultra cute baby Dez. 

This is the first post of my blog after a long hiatus (1 year to be exact) and being an engineer in the IT arena, I am starting off this blog in the old fashioned manner.